Tanking (Waterproofing) against water and moisture is critical to protect any construction or building

Helps to prevent the following;

.. Cracks in walls.
.. Cracks in the ceramic layer.
.. Tiles lifting off.
.. Water penetration to other areas or living spaces.
.. Expensive repairs.

Grouts & adhesives are only water resistant…not waterproof.

.. Over time grout joints will allow water to penetrate behind the tile.
.. Water & moisture can still migrate to the substrate below.
.. Mastic & silicone can crack & seals can be broken.
.. Subsidence can cause seals to break & tiles to move & crack.



We offer a start to finish service in dealing with troublesome leaks.

.. Surface Preparation.
.. Sealing & Surface Bonding.
.. Waterproofing.
.. Tiling.